Low Current & Multimedia


Our aim is to give full scope of services in the sphere of investment projects. That’s why our experience in law current system allows good coordination between designers for every system in time. That is very important for designing as everybody agrees with that. We offer high quality and fast realization for the project of our clients.


Software development.
Content Management.

LED Screens 

DIT has a range of LED Screens from P4, P6, P12, P20 for rental and sale purposes adopting LEDs characterized as energy-saving and environmental friendly as basic raw material. Founded by a team of skilled and experienced technicians, we dedicate ourselves to research and provide complete LED display system solution. The LED display serves to show all kinds of information such as words, figures, animations, videos, market information etc. Easy to use, both indoor and outdoor LED displays offer high brightness at low working voltage, low power consumption, shock resistance, long life, quick response and stable performance.

LED Curtain Screen is suitable for television studio and digital stage, it can show virtual images and color effects. In the field of art stage designing the product performs outstanding artistic charm with its unique feature of permeability, lightness and thinness. It is easy to install and remove and suitable for large area landscaping with vivid performance.

  • Outdoor LED
  • Indoor LED
  • Single Line Displays
  • Multi Line LED
  • LED Clocks and Counters
  • Exchange Rate Boards
  • Inbuilt LED

Queue & kiosk System

Queue system are used worldwide at passport offices, banks, post offices, hospitals and other public buildings. They are ideal for any application requiring effective visual communication where you want to present real time information, increase sales, promote safety and present a professional image. It generates and prints queue tickets during client registration process and displays the numbers that are being service on main display board and room displays.

Audio Visual

3D Mapping

3D Mapping- is a new projection technique that can turn almost any surface into a dynamic video display. Specialised software is used to warm and mask the projected image to make it fit perfectly on irregularely shaped screens. The end result is a dynamic projection installation that transcends ordinary 3D Mapping projection.

Interactive Touch Screen

Interactive Touch Screen touch revolution unveils a new kind of systems an Interactive Touch Screens which is touch control multi-media that everyone has been looking for. At the heart of the Touch Screen is a large format multi- touchscreen capable of allowing the user to control anything displayed on the screen.

Holo Display

Holo Display for displaying images by diffracting and dispersing an image beam projected by an image projector comprises a main hologram for diffracting and dispersing an incident image beam from one of an upward angle and downward angle and a directional dispersion hologram. Thereby providing an acrylic Holo Display Screen that can maintain the brightness and improve the color reproducibility of a displayed image. (WE CHALLENGE THE LIGHT ) the holo display can show anything with the lights on, you don’t have to turn the lights off or cover the sunlight with a curtain.

Video Wall

Video Wall The digital display technology today has set in the winds of change in the way businesses used to interact with their customers. A real must have for most events these days is displaying huge video walls. Getting noticed by the target audience is the first requirement of any business. So Interactive screen displaying videos, images and other interactive content can be used as a powerful tool to grab the attention of a large audience.


The Lighting System is a vital part of any event and with our in-house lighting technicians; your event will be magically transformed. Our lighting system can produce some amazing effects, provide amazing entertainment features and create incredible stage lighting.