Event Management

Event Management

(Designing & implementing)

DIT provide the whole aspect of exhibitions, conferences, international conventions and other corporate and private events. Our scope extends from initial planning and conceptualising, stand building, through to technical support, renting equipments , implementing the events .


Event concept is very important when you do an event why are you doing this event & when is going to be ?? Is it outdoor event or indoor ? what about decorations , lights , stage , display , sound system? So many question and DIT is here to answer you , advice you, gives you ideas and more Services to get ready for the next step which is runnig the event and manageing it .

Implementing events 

Good plans needs a good implementation , DIT has a great team & qualified technicians so we can work with best quality we can give ,This is it, it’s finally a live! All that time spent creating ideas, planning, preparing for every eventuality,now you can sit back, relax, everything is all taken care of , no need to think about managing , following up ,facing trouble , DIT is here for you.